Merry Christmas


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Rocky Mountaineer #2 Finished!

I just finished Rocky Mountaineer #2 and I’m so happy that I finished it in time.

It is a Christmas present for my next door neighbour. She has helped us out a lot this year so I wanted to make her something nice.

The pattern is Rocky Mountaineer and the yarn is Sweet Georgia Yarn Cashluxe Fine in Coalharbour.

Next up to finish is the Basketful of Rainbows blanket.

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Rocky Mountaineer Finished!


I finished this shawl (Rocky Mountaineer) last night.

It is a Xmas present for my Grandma and it was the last thing that I had left for Xmas knitting that absolutely had to be done!  The yarn is Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in Wisteria and it is so soft and squishy!

The pattern is quick and easy and it only took me 10 days from start to finish.  Although that was non stop knitting where I put in at least 3 hours a day.

A bit more balance in my life would be nice as nothing in the extreme is ever healthy.  However, this needed to be done and now that it is done with plenty of time to spare before Xmas, I’m going to try to finish another Rocky Mountaineer.

This one will be for our next door neighbour for Xmas.  She has been a huge help to me and my Grandma this year so I wanted to do something special for her.

I’m using Sweet Georgia Yarn CashLuxe Fine in Coalharbour for hers and I’m already up to the lace part, so with any luck I’ll have it finished by the end of the weekend 🙂

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(A Late) November Update

I’m a bit all over the place at the moment so I won’t do a “proper” end of month update – it takes too long!!

I’m currently trying to knit a shawl for my Grandma for Xmas – which for those counting along is only 16 (!!!) days away!!  I am knitting the “Rocky Mountaineer” shawl for her and I have another 30g of garter stitch to go before I get to the lace part.  I hope that I get it finished as I don’t really have any other presents for her and I don’t want to let her down by not having anything for her.  I’ll just have to knit like the wind!!

I finished Cameo #2 which will be either for my friend or my Mum.  Mum likes the one that I knitted for my friend more than the one that I made for her.  However, the one that I made for her has the yarn she picked out in Canada so I don’t know what to do….  I did buy more of the yarn that I made Cameo #1 from however, I don’t really want to make another one (and there is no time to do it before Xmas and what would I do with the one that she doesn’t want?) Sigh

I have also been feeling a bit unorganised with all of my yarn and the projects that I want to make next year so I created a 2015 page on Ravelry to keep track of my notes and planned projects.  As I go through the year it will change and look more like the 2014 page.

I have also started to stash down and keep track of metres bought, used and given away.  I’ll post those stats when this calendar year finishes.

Here is what last year looked like:

Yarn Usage (in metres):
2013; Start: 0 | Bought: 12,490 | Gifted: 7,399* | Used: 5,085 | Nett: 0,006 |

*I gifted a lot of it in 2014 but I can’t sort on when I gifted it only when it was purchased so that is that date/year that I have tallied it under.  As long as I’m consistent in what I do, it will all even out 🙂

I have also joined a group to Stash Down for 2015.  Whilst I am not planning on buying anymore yarn I might be going to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show in July and if I do then I will be buying stuff!  This means that I can’t participate in the 12mth no buy tiara so, I have gone for the “Use 6,000g of yarn in 12mths tiara”.  I think I will be able to achieve this but if I don’t but achieve all of the projects I plan to do next year I think it will still be a good outcome.

I am also unoffically going to participate in the 12mth no buy as I don’t need to buy anymore yarn!  I have enough.  Which is kind of terrible when you consider I only started knitting and crocheting in August 2013…

Here is my current gram totals (as at 7/12/14):
2ply: 1,100.00g
4ply: 4,807.50g
8ply: 6,903.60g
10ply: 1,200.00g
Grand Total: 14,011.10g/14.01kg

And the last date I purchased yarn was 7/12/14, let’s see how long I can go without buying anymore!

I have also decided to carry this through into other areas of my life.  I have a lot of “stuff” and every 6mths or so, I need to go through my wardrobe, drawers etc and chuck out/reorganise the “stuff” which annoys me as it takes up my time and also I’m really just wasting money…

So 2015 will also be the year of “No More Stuff!”  I’m going to change my mindset and not buy anymore “stuff” as I figure if I don’t buy it, I then don’t need to reorganise it or throw it out.  Win win.

Positive side to this: I get to save money/pay off my loans faster!

Having said all of that, I was in Melbourne for the first week and a half of December and I hit up all the yarn shops that were on my list!!  On the Friday night I caught the tram into Melbourne and visited St Patricks Cathedral and then saw Morris and Sons.  It was so pretty in there!  I went around and touched all the yarns.

Then on the weekend, I hired a car and hit up Sunspun in Canterbury.  It is really beautiful in there and I bought a skein of Skein lace in Silver Rose, it is really soft and scrummy.  I think I will make Rainbow by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes with it.  I also bought blocking pins and blocking wires as I can’t get them in Adelaide (that I know of) and to post them from US is majorly expensive!

Then I headed out to Bendigo to hit up the Bendigo Woollen Mills.  It was amazing!!  So much yarn!  I went around and touched everything there too!  The Athena feels gorgeous.  I would have bought some of that but I didn’t know what to make with it so I left it there.  I did however, go into the back room and pick up some bargains.  I got 3 partial balls of the blue sock mix, a partial ball of lavender in Luxury 4ply, a partial ball of mink in Luxury 4ply, a full ball of frost and black in Luxury 4ply and then (although at the time I had no idea of what I was going to do with it) a ball of Murano in shade 021.  Pretty!!

I have since found 3 scarf patterns that I’m going to merge together to make a scarf with the Murano.  I’m going to add a ball of black 8ply to make it stretch a bit longer.  I would like that black to be Athena but I had a look at the website and they don’t seem to sell Athena in black, so I’ll have to use the Stylecraft I already have.

I had no room in my suitcase so I had to post home all the BWM, the blocking wires and 4kg of clothes!

It was fun being in Melbourne again.  I also have a list of things to do (that I didn’t get done this trip) if I go again.


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October 2014

I did a small road trip today to the Tanunda Sit and Knit.  This meant that I had time to think about my monthly post and what I was going to say.  My idea at this point is to redesign the “report” which I think I’ll like a lot better 🙂

So, let’s see how it goes…..  I’m sure I’ll tweak it at some later point!


  • Cameo #2 – 5/10/14
    • Sweet Georgia Yarns “Tough Love Sock” in Sapphire and Bella Baby Wonder in Cream.  This will be for Mum for Giftmas.  I’m halfway through the striped part and hope to have it completely finished soon.  Well sooner rather than later as I have 2 other shawls that need to be finished by Giftmas.
  • White Snows of Winter – 8/10/14
    • Knit Picks “Gloss Lace” in Marina.  It’s 8 repeats and will be M but I’m now thinking that I may be able to do the L or XL due to the fact that I knit tightly and I went to 3mm.  I’m possibly going to add beads but I’m not 100% sure.
  • Directional Colours Scarf – 15/10/14
    • Moda Vera “Fayette” in Fuschia.  I started this as I needed an easy knitting project to take with me.  I also wasn’t too sure if I would get a decent sized blanket from the 2 balls that I have (and I’m not buying more) so it has been converted into a scarf.
  • Nurmilintu – 22/10/14
    • Sweet Georgia Yarns “CashLuxe Fine” in Wisteria.  This is going to be Grandma’s Giftmas present.  I’m around 67 sts in the first garter section.


Cameo Shawl - Finished!

  • Cameo #1 – 1/10/14
    • Bendigo Woollen Mills “Sock Yarn” in Blue Mix.  It’s my first lace and first beaded project.  It will be a Giftmas present for a friend – if Mum doesn’t decide she likes this one better and swaps them out….


  • Baby Star
    • This one is not well written and I have started it 3 times due to the lack of clear instructions.  I’m now thinking that I probably won’t be happy with the finished product.  I also really like the yarn so I’m going to save it for something else.  So whilst I haven’t frogged it yet as I’m not 100% sure that I will it is more than likely than not destined for the frogging bin.
  • Toy Boat Granny Stripes
    • This one is a pattern that I’ve been making myself based off a quilt pattern I took a shine to earlier in the year.  I’m not too sure how it will turn out and whilst I like the pattern (have done it twice already) I don’t think I have it in me to do it a 3rd time.  Also, now that I’m knitting I’m not as engaged in this project than I was.

Still on the Needles

  • Basket of Rainbows
    • It’s slightly progressing.  I took it to work the other day and did a row in lunch time.  I need to get a move on with it though as I can’t finish a few of the prior projects without finishing this one first.  Well I could but I’d rather finish 1 ball and start a 2nd than have 2 half finished balls.
  • Buttermere
    • Haven’t touched this in ages.  I’m waiting to finish the 3 Shawls of Giftmas and the 2 baby blankets before finishing this one.
  • Raspberry Ripple
    • This has no time demands on it.  However, it went to work with me during the week and I got 2 rows done in 2 lunch breaks.  I’m also training someone next month to do my job and I have permission to sit and do crochet to keep my hands busy so that I don’t try and take over!  So one might get further this month!

Upcoming Planned Projects

  • Evenstar
    • One of the girls at Wed night Sit and Knit made an offhand comment about making this shawl next year.  That comment has stuck with me and I have bought the Colourmart Cashmere lace weight for this.
  • White Snows of Winter – 16 repeats full circle, XL
    • I absolutely love this pattern and I love knitting it.  For my brain it is like playing Candy Crush.  I just want to do one more row.  I love the finished projects that show it in white in the full circle.  I’m also thinking that if I ever get married then this or Evenstar will be my veil.  The Jaggerspun Zephyr is for this, all 4,480 yards of it!
  • Tru Wuv
    • I love the look of this pattern and have wanted to make it since the test knit started.  I’m planning on making this for a friend in the purple lace from Moseley Park.
  • Garter Trap
    • I was looking for an easy way to use up some skeins and also remainder of skeins and I found this pattern.  I’ll stripe the colours with black and use up the yarn that I don’t want/need/like (too scratchy) and make room in the tub and also bring down my number of stashed items on Ravelry (currently 97 but doesn’t include the newest purchases)
  • Mixed Stripe Baby Throw
    • This will replace the Baby Star and use up some of the Stylecraft DK.  It will also hedge my bets with the 2 baby presents I need.
  • Cameo #3 for Jean
    • Gma’s niece loved her Port Power Colour Affection but I can’t bring myself to do that patter again so I’ll make the Cameo and add stripes with a 3rd colour at rows 11, 16, 21 and 23.
  • Cameo #4 for myself
    • I’m planning on using my SGY CashLuxe Fine Charcoal, an Aussie hand dyed tonal white and my Baah! La Jolla pink.  That’s if I can stand making this 4 times….  If not the I guess I’ll need another pattern!
  • Scarf for Moi (red and blue)
    • A friend from work wanted me to make her a blue and red scarf (her husband’s footy colours) so I’ve got an idea in mind for the pattern and bonus points, it will use up the Royal Stylecraft DK that I have 3 balls of.  I can’t start this one though until I finish the Basket of Rainbows Blanket as I need to start with the red and that is being used.  And I can’t start a new ball for reasons already given 🙂

I seem to be going backwards with this!  There just isn’t enough hours in a day for me to finish everything.  I wish that I could knit/crochet as fast as my brain starts new projects!

This month I started going to 2 new Sit and Knits.  I’m now up to 3!  One is every Wed night in town, the 2nd is every Sunday fortnight in Blackwood and the 3 is in Tanunda on the first Saturday of the month.  I like all 3.  It also means that I have filled up my social life enough that I don’t have keep bugging people to go out for coffee with me.  I now have my knitting groups for that!  😀

I started White Snows this month.  I was wandering around Ravelry and came across the pattern and fell in love with it.  It told me to cast on right.this.second and so I did!  This project was to use up all of the 3 skeins of laceweight that I have.  Only trouble is is that this has backfired badly!  I have since bought a skein of hand dyed purple sparkle lace weight yarn from Moseley Park and a skien of hand paint Misti Alpaca (Sky Grey).  I have also bought a cone of 100% Cashmere lace weight from Colourmart in Light Blue and 4 skeins of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Mushroom!  Can we say whoops!!

So along with thinking about this post I was also thinking about the amount of yarn and things  that I have bought since August 2013 when I started to crochet and July 2014 (has it only been 3 months!) and I think it is enough that I don’t want to add up the amount that I have spent.

At the moment, my 8ply is in 2 drawers and the 4ply and 2ply are in a plastic tub.  Ideally I would like it all to either fit into the tub or 1 of the drawers.  That along with the fact that I think I have enough planned projects to keep me going for a while, I’m planning on making 2015 “Cold Sheep”.  If I need more yarn to finish a project I’ll buy it but I will try my very best not to buy anymore without at least finishing all the projects that I have already started and planned.  The only exception I see at this point is if I go to the Bendigo Woolen Show.

I’ve also gone through my sewing room and thrown out a lot of stuff (crap) and under my bed (that’s as far as I’ve got in my room!) and I still have to go through my wardrobe and the back room.  I’m tired of having to go through stuff every 3/6/12 months to throw it out and/or rearrange it.  This means that I’m also playing around with the idea of not buying “stuff” in 2015 as well.  No “stuff”, no throwing out/rearranging needed.  I’m a genius! Lol 😛

This combined with the fact that I would like to get my finances back under control, pay off my debts and save up what seems to be an insurmountable amount of funds for a possible down payment on a house means that I might be able to “kill 3 birds with 1 stone”.

Perhaps then I can convince myself to go for a walk/get to the gym more….

Ok, gotta go do some knitting before I go to bed.  Giftmas is coming way too fast!



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September 2014 WIPs Update

Cameo Shawl - Finished!

So at the start of September, I had a list that looked like this:

The ones bolded will be the ones that I work on this month or until they are finished


  1. [C] Basket of Rainbows I Blanket – for my cousin’s baby due in January ’15
  2. [C] Basket of Rainbows II Blanket
  3. [C] Raspberry Ripple Blanket
  4. [C] Rainbow Toy Boat Blanket
  5. [K] Wheat Scarf
  6. [K] Cameo – for a friend for Xmas ’14
  7. [K] Buttermere


  1. [C] Midnight Brights
  2. [C] Little Boy Blue

The list now looks like this:

  1. [C] Basket of Rainbows I Blanket – for my cousin’s baby due in January ’15
  2. [C] Basket of Rainbows II Blanket
  3. [C] Raspberry Ripple Blanket
  4. [C] Rainbow Toy Boat Blanket
  5. [K] Wheat Scarf – frogged and gave away the yarn as I didn’t love it
  6. [K] Cameo – for a friend for Xmas ’14 – finished 1/10/14 🙂
  7. [K] Buttermere
  8. [K] Baby Star Blanket


  1. [C] Midnight Brights – frogged and gave away the yarn as I didn’t love it
  2. [C] Little Boy Blue

Now it seems that I didn’t get far, in fact I went backwards as I started yet another new project!  However, I feel like I did move forward.

Here is why:

  1. I gave away a box of yarn that I didn’t love or want.  Some went to work friends and the remainder went to the RSPCA.
  2. I only have 20 rows + picot bind off to go on the Cameo Shawl.  I started somewhere between 25 and 42 teeth of the first part.  So I have done a lot of work on it to get it to this point!
  3. I did 23 rows of the Basket of Rainbows Blanket and now only have 3.5 repeats of the colours to go

After I finish Cameo, I’ll start on Mum’s Xmas present.  It will be Noel and is designed by the same person that designed Cameo.  I’ll be knitting it in Sweet Georgia Yarn “Tough Love Sock” in Sapphire which I bought when I was in Vancouver, Canada in August.

I look forward to seeing how much I get done next month!

And in other non knitting goals, in October I would like to:

  1. Finish importing all of my photos into Lightroom
  2. Finish updating my journal in Day One for 2013 and 2014 ytd and start writing the entries in my 5yr journal
  3. Finish clearing out my sewing room and start spring cleaning my bedroom
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September 2014 WIPS

When I was quilting I often had 2, 3 or even more quilts on the go.  In fact, theoretically, I still do as I haven’t finished them but I have packed away all the sewing stuff!  This also includes the 2 hand pieced hexagon quilts that I am working on.

Anyways, when I started this crocheting and knitting thing just over a year a go I vowed to try and only have 1 project on the go….  Well, you can guess how that went! 

I haven’t been too bad lately and in July I made a concentrated effort to finish things off.  I was tired of having so many things on the go, it was just overwhelming.  I did well and finished 4 things off and then only had a few on the go.

Unfortunately, sine then I have been stressed about work and feeling unsettled in general. 

This has lead to me starting more projects than I have finished.  That and I won’t have the energy to knit/crochet but I will have enough to wander around Ravelry and before I know it I will be saying “ohhhh pretty! I wonder how that will work up?”  I’ll then have a play with the pattern and next thing you know, I have started another project.  Then I don’t knit/crochet as fast as my brain thinks I do so I end up with quite a few WIPS!

So, in the interest of keeping all my WIPS in one place, I thought I’d start a monthly list and try and get it down to 1 crochet and 1 knitting project at a time (I can try! lol 🙂 )

Not on the list is a scarf/shawl that I want to make Grandma for Xmas.  I have the yarn, I just need to settle on a pattern.  Also not on the list is a scarf that I’m planning for a friend in Canada so I’ll need to move that up the top of the list as soon as I finish one item so that I have time to finish it and post it over.

The ones bolded will be the ones that I work on this month or until they are finished!

  1. [C] Basket of Rainbows I Blanket – for my cousin’s baby due in January ’15
  2. [C] Basket of Rainbows II Blanket
  3. [C] Raspberry Ripple Blanket
  4. [C] Rainbow Toy Boat Blanket
  5. [K] Wheat Scarf
  6. [K] Cameo – for a friend for Xmas ’14
  7. [K] Buttermere

And in the interest of keeping things honest, I also have 2 other crocheted blankets on the go that are “hibernating”.  One is called Midnight Brights that I started in February ’14 to get rid of some of my yarn but I’m not all that in ♥ with it so I may just throw out what I’ve done.  The other one is called Little Boy Blue.  I haven’t started it, but I’ve already worked out the colours and I quite like it so it will stay there for a bit until I either start it or get rid of it.

ETA: I’ve just worked out that I’ll need some of the colours in Basket of Rainbows I for the knitted Xmas scarf so I’ll do one row a day of this project until Cameo is finished.  Then once that is finished, I’ll concentrate on this project until this one is also done.

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